Thursday, 31 March 2011

Do it, do it again

I am so excited a little bit of wee came out!

Froggie maestro DJ Bob Sinclar has decided to release a remix of none other than one of our great patron saints, Miss Raffaella Cara...

I couldn't even wait 'till Tacky Music Monday to share this one with you, dear reader - enjoy!


  1. Fab new remix. I love it! Jx

  2. Dear, dear M. Sinclar... Jx

  3. I'm going to miss you over the next 2 weeks - my stupid Broadband provider can't cope with the fact I'm moving homes tomorrow & I won't be back until the 12th! & no guarantee of that! What fun I shall have reading your posts when I return, m'dear. Although there is always myspace...

  4. Good luck with the move my dear! Jx

    P.S. Yes there is always MySpace, but how often do I go on there nowadays..?


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