Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Farewell to the BIGGEST voice!

And so dear friends, we wave farewell to one of the all-time greatest vocal stylists in the history of pop music. For one of our patron saints here at Dolores Delargo Towers, Miss Loleatta Holloway is dead!

Miss Holloway was always undersold. Throughout her long and illustrious career, hers was the voice that "carried" star vehicle after star vehicle for other artists.

Yet without her tremendous tonsils, where would such classics as Relight My Fire (by Dan Hartman), Runaway (by Salsoul Orchestra), and of course Black Box's Ride on Time be?

Eternally sampled and remixed, her solo classics include the mega-tastic Love Sensation, Crash Goes Love, Hit and Run and Dreaming, yet surprisingly her biggest US chart success was with a ballad Cry To Me.

I have blogged about my love for Lolly and her Love Sensation before, so I thought I would treat us to something a little different, and appropriate, on this sad day - The Greatest Performance Of My Life. RIP, sweetheart...

And, not to make it too maudlin, here's another rarity - a less famous collaboration between Miss Holloway and Dan Hartman. This track, Keep The Fires Burning, obviously showcases the groundwork of the incredibly powerful vocal gymnastics for which she became so admired:

Loleatta Holloway obituary

More about Loleatta Holloway at Disco-Disco


  1. She had an amazing voice, and should have had a much more successful mainstream career. RIP!

  2. heartbroken over this...what a wonderful tribute! her voice, her legend will live on forever RIP


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