Thursday, 10 March 2011

"Welcome to my little bordello"

As tickets go on sale for the forthcoming musical based on Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City, with music and lyrics by Jake Shears and John Garden (only two years in the making!), as a taster I have discovered some anonymous woman doing a version of one of the songs...

Among the publicity photos is this lovely one of Jake with his collaborator John...

The cast list has yet to be announced, but you can find out more about the show (and book tickets if you happen to be in San Fransisco in May): American Conservatory Theatre website


  1. would love to check this out...thanks for the info! xoxoMM

  2. I expect a full review of the gala night and a signed pair of Jake Shears' underpants... Jx

  3. ooh to be in SF in May … this sounds good and more likely to transfer across the pond that Bono & The Edge's Spiderman

  4. Amittedly, I doubt that Tales of the City will involve pyrotechnics and special effects - and indeed, Scissor Sisters are more popular over here than they are in the States - but much like the musical version of The Ritz, I doubt it will be first in line for a transfer across the pond.

    Apart from "jukebox muxicals" like Jersey Boys, there are not many US productions that do come over - it seems to be more the other way round these days.


  5. I'll keep mine peeled for any signs of a soundtrack album


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