Thursday, 14 April 2011

Fenella vs John Lydon

Fenella Fielding Warhol style

Once more, our meeting with the magnificent Fenella Fielding has piqued my interest. Imagine my joy when I dicovered that she has recorded a selection of covers of modern music, in her own inimitable fashion...

Here's Kim Fowley’s sleevenotes for the as-yet-unreleased CD, Fenella Fielding - the Savoy Sessions:
Fenella Fielding IS! A 21st Century Goddess of Audio Art and Noise Illusion!

Her Succulent/Velvet-Blue-Saloon vocal tones made me believe I was having Naked Lunch in a Berlin bubble-bath, next to Marlene Dietrich… Somewhere in Berlin, circa 1928-1932.

Hence, we have a message in a bottle, from a 21st Century, Axis Sally/Tokyo Rose: Fenella Fielding.

Bring on the smelling salts! Then give me the Silver-Spoon and Golden Needle, so I can blend into the Wonder-Word Void, where Ms Fielding must surely reside.
Here's her take on the post-punk classic Rise by John Lydon (as Public Image Ltd):

Somebody release this CD now, for heaven's sake!

Read more about this musical project in The Independent in 2008


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