Wednesday, 20 April 2011

"They were so busy a-cock-a-doodle-doo-in’"

I am off to an event called "Meet the Writers" tonight, featuring (among others) the marvellous Polari MC Paul Burston and none other than house favourite comedienne Miss Helen Lederer - and I am getting excited already!

To suit the mood, here's a little gem of a discovery, courtesy of that maestro of the preternatural, the lovely Thom at Chateau Thombeau.

You will enjoy this...

Witch's Egg by Oingo Boingo
When I turned 12 papa said
Little woman better get yourself a wife
'Cause you’re too mean for a man to clean up your life
And if she’s the devil, you know she’ll be your friend.

When I turned 13 I spat in my papa’s eye
Took off to find my man 'cause I couldn’t find a wife
And I spread-eagled in a lot of towns
I couldn’t find no man to lay me down
They were so busy a-cock-a-doodle-doo-in’
But they still couldn’t nail me down

So I grew up lonesome knowing there’d be no man
Or woman to get me going through this life
'Cause I was hatched out of a witch’s egg
Been doomed to fly high
Like a crane with no legs

I laid down with the devil and his side-kick mankind
But something called lovin’ made me hungry inside
So I went to the lord and I asked him for more
Than what this world could offer
I laid down with him and I had to grin
'Cause he was shyer than a flower

Now thanks to the lord I’ve been set free
My lover is the trade winds that take me out to sea
My life is like nobody else’s
There’s only one of me

'Cause I was hatched out of a witch’s egg
Been doomed to fly high
Like a crane with no legs.


  1. OH - MY - GOD!!! How did I not know about this film??? I am SO buying the R1 DVD of this ASAP!

    Thanks so much for posting - I certainly did enjoy it!!!

  2. Yes - if this is just a clip, the whole film must be a cornucopia of delights... Jx

  3. I saw the trailer on YouTube last night - the film looks like it was made exclusively for moi!


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