Thursday, 7 April 2011

Music, music, music...

It's time for another pick of the newer music that I have stumbled across on my sojourn across the inter-web...

Opening this particular mish-mash, we bid a very welcome back to one of my fave bands of the early 80s, the quirky and superb Blancmange:

A little noisy stuff is in order next methinks, courtesy of Panic! At The Disco: Here at Dolores Delargo Towers we have always had a thing about buccaneers. And now, thanks to the delightful Mike over at Pop Trash Addicts, we are alerted to an apparent "internet sensation" - Gay Pirates! Next up the return of that faboo quirky cult dance act Hercules and Love affair with their latest mix... Painted Eyes (In Flagranti Version) by moshi moshi music And now, a pairing made in gay heaven! The magnificent Billie Ray Martin and that massive Italian superstar Hard Ton: But to finish, I have to add a heap of campness that - to coin a phrase - is "camper than Liberace and Elton John in a pink Mini"! For none other than the gorgeous Dana International has joined the Eurovision throng, singing Israel's official entry this year... [Thanks, John-John]


  1. Love the Dana International song - someone on FB has been playing that quite a lot recently - its very Eurovision and could win again - hope so.

    Will give the other tracks a listen now - x

  2. I like the Panic! at the Disco track, and the Blancmange song too - Word gave away their song Hot Coffee - its lyrics are almost zen-like.

  3. A fun selection, although I dont care much for Panic At The Disco.


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