Tuesday, 26 April 2011

That's where she takes me

Happy birthday today to the man who almost single-handedly invented all the musical genres we adore today!

Giorgio Moroder (for it is he) was a maestro of the early synthesiser, transforming its use to become a dance instrument. In doing so, he created the sound that launched a million discos (he produced Love to Love You Baby and I Feel Love for Donna Summer), laid the foundations for the 80s Futurist/New Romantic boom, was the inspiration for the European successors to Disco - Hi-NRG and Italo - and thus provided the backdrop for Stock Aitken and Waterman AND House Music, two styles of pop that have endured through many incarnations to the present day! Whew...

And here is where Herr Moroder began:

Giorgio Moroder official website

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