Thursday, 14 April 2011

They are in paradise

Julie Christie by Avedon

Many happy returns to the Swinging Sixties icon, Miss Julie Christie, who (remarkably) is 70 years old today!

The daughter of a tea planter in Assam, India, and his Welsh wife Rosemary, the young, well educated and well-spoken Miss Christie and her 60s partnership with dazzlingly beautiful "bad boy" Terence Stamp became the darlings of the UK media for more than a decade.

This classic even name-checks the couple:

In her five-decade career, from Billy Liar to Harry Potter via Dr Zhivago, Miss Christie's photogenic beauty has lit up the screen in every appearance. And long may she continue to do so!

Julie Christie on IMDB


  1. Isn't that Jean Shrimpton with Tel?

  2. Oops - added the right pic now - thanks, BEB! Jx

  3. Tashed-up = not so great though...sigh...not Julie, I mean...


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