Saturday, 30 April 2011

Who'd have thought..?

... we could have so much fun in an upside-down purple cow?

The one, the only, Music Hall Singer and Hip Hop Artist Superstar Miss Ida Barr brilliantly held the (slightly diminished by wedding fever) audience in stitches, as she conducted an afternoon of bingo (with prizes by Oxfam and the local pound shop!) in her own inimitable fashion...

We were treated to mash-ups between Eminem and The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery and Rihanna's Only Girl In The World with (what else?) If You Were The Only Girl In The World (And I Were The Only Boy), plus of course the "artificial hip-hop" Hokey Cokey and by-now-compulsory conga line!

We were exhausted - such larks. And all that, plus a fly-past!

Fantabulosa, dears.


  1. what a wonderful way to round off the day - I did think about going to this or the Alternative Festivities at the RVT but in the end I was to tired to do anything but crash out in front of the TV and nibble :)

  2. Use your culture, or lose your culture... Jx

  3. babes I have culture growing in my fridge

  4. There are some posts I can't comment on because the youtube windows are still in a funny place on my browser & they cover up the "comments" bit :-( I don't like being silenced!!

  5. BEB - this is a bizarre one; a glitch with the Blogger layout settings, I think, as I have seen it on other people's blogs too. However, refreshing the screen usually works. I will try and make sure I keep finishing my blogs with a link or more text until I can find an answer... Jx

  6. Yeah, I've tried that Jon, but not to worry - you know I love love love it without my comments! :-)


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