Saturday, 14 May 2011

I Can, I Will!

We have bunting, fairy lights, flags, crates of booze and a buffet of food from all nations ready here at Dolores Delargo Towers - for tonight we celebrate the Gay World Cup!

As we prepare to receive our fabulously attired guests for the Party of the Year that is the Eurovision Song Contest, and wonder how we are going to fit all thirteen of us into our front room without a shoe-horn, our hopes rest on the lovely Blue boys to get us to the top this year. Or at least to score a few points.

At this point it is probably worth cogitating on the last decade's choice of acts (minus little Josh from last year, who is probably appearing in the touring version of Grease in Cleckheaton as we speak...) that represented the UK at the great contest. Judging by some of them, I'm not surprised we are not that well regarded in Europe...

This year, at least we have a big-name act on our team - come on Blue! You can do it!

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