Monday, 6 June 2011

I'll say it again!

Heavens, these weekends just fly by - and suddenly it is Tacky Music Monday again!

Today, as we face the prospect of another full week in work, and no more bank holidays till the end of August(!), there is really only one way to make things better - another over-the-top number by our patron saint Miss Mitzi Gaynor, here in the talented company of Suzanne Pleshette, Jane Withers, Jerry Orbach, Cliff Norton and Ted Knight:

She's a woman, alright!

I do love Tacky Music Mondays...


  1. Joyous! I'm re-posting it on...(no, I won't say it).

  2. I expect full credit for the discovery of this wonderful slice of tack-o-rama! Jx


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