Thursday, 14 July 2011

I may be young at heart but I know what I'm saying

Madonna - True Blue

We celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Madonna's (arguably finest) album True Blue this summer...

And twenty-five years ago this, one of Madge's greatest songs from that album, was at Number 1:

Ah, memories...

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  1. So many, many memories! Often somewhat overlooked in her discography, this is one of/the best pop album ever released! It still sounds fresh and fabulous - the real sound of 1986. And the artwork has to be the best ever put on an album sleeve. Everything about this album was perfect (OK, exept I would have liked her to include her own version of "Each Time You Break My Heart", which she gave to Nick Kamen. So far only a LQ, rough demo of M´s version has leaked).

    A little known fact: the handwriting on the sleeve is actully not by Madonna - it is written by the woman who styled the sleeve, although her handwriting looks a lot like Madonna´s!

    BTW: "Papa Don´t Preach" is the song that introduced me to the queen and made me a fan for life.

  2. I don't think I've heard her verision of "Each Time You Break My Heart"... Jx

  3. Ah, good times, love that album, it is so poppy and fun and Papa Don't Preach is one of my fave Madonna songs :)

  4. memories indeed … it was a mixed Summer for me - I left school and started work … and the two albums of that Summer were True Blue and The Smiths The Queen Is Dead.

    I was saying recently that Lady Gaga would kill to have released an album as good as True Blue … but then so would Madonna in 2011 :)

    Papa Don't Preach is I think one of Madge's best singles ever - the tune, the lyrics - it was a real leap forward from Like A Virgin.

    Although my personal favourite Madonna album was 89's Like A Prayer - True Blue is right up there - classic.

    Have a fab weekend x


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