Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Now your bangs are curled, your lashes whirled...

Heavens above - Didi Conn, the diminutive squeaky-voiced "Frenchy" from Grease, is 60 years old today.

After Grease, she had a regular role in that dreadful Soap spin-off Benson in the 1980s, then to all intents and purposes seemed to disappear from the spotlight (at least here in the UK). However it seems that as well as making inevitable cameo appearances in stuff like LA Law, she went on to become a bit of a star on US children's television (a natural home for someone with a childlike vocal style). She also devotes a lot of time to being a spokesperson for Autism charities (her son has the condition).

Without further ado, let's celebrate this anniversary with Miss Conn's finest screen moment...

Many happy returns to the original Beauty School Droput!

Miss Conn's biography on the Hollywood Bowl website


  1. I loved her in Grease!!!!!!! Happy 60th :)

  2. She was my favourite in Grease too - then Rizo - not Sandy …

    All the lovelies seem to be turning 60 this week.


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