Thursday, 28 July 2011

Smash hits...

This week, let's open my selection of recent tracks that have tickled my fancy with a bit of a comeback! Described in QX magazine as sounding like "sounding like Daft Punk after being molested by Devo" (although I think it sounds more like Yazz after being molested by Cerrone myself), here is the very overdue and very welcome return of The Supermen Lovers (of Starlight fame, way back in 2001 - scary!), with a track called Keep The Funk Alive from their new EP The Foundation Disco...

In complete contrast, here's a new band with a sound that is a bit reminiscent of the B-52s or maybe early Blondie. It's The Handcuffs and Can't Get the Girl (Without the Good Stuff, Baby):

Whether the world needed it or not, this year's answer to Aqua has probably arrived in the shape of the improbably-named Ze! Here's her paean to her Haircut... Silly, but fun:

With her trademark brand of smut and filth (and we love her for it, of course!), here is the latest from the fierce Amanda Lepore, who implores us to Turn Me Over... Oh puh-lease!

Saving the very best till last - I adore this collaboration between Israeli demi-drag darling Uriel Yekutiel and the incredibly hunky Eliad Cohen, featuring vocals by popular Moroccan Jewish singer Zehava Ben. Apparently a promotion for a Tel Aviv club night called Arisa, this is the fantabulosa Telephone d'Amour...



  1. Love the last one! And Miss Lepore too of course!

  2. Thought you might, somehow... Jx


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