Friday, 5 August 2011

La Passione

Shirley Bassey Remixed

Today we finally found out who has been cast to play the one and only Dame Shirley Bassey in the forthcoming drama about her life A Very British Diva due to be shown on BBC2.

The poor girl with the task of taking on the task of portraying our favourite diva goes by the unfortunate name of Ruth Negga, who has apparently appeared in several TV series I have never seen such as Misfits and has won awards for her theatre performances. Good luck to her, I say - and I can't wait to see it.

Meanwhile, it's the weekend (and a more than usually happy one for me as it is my birthday next week and I have taken a week off to potter about in London)! It's summer! It's possibly not going to rain on Sunday for our big picnic!

Here's the real Dame Shirl in action, with not one but two of her more "dancy" numbers. Thank Disco It's Friday indeed!

Read more about Shirley Bassey: A Very British Diva on the BBC


  1. I'll reserve all judgement until I see the TV special … but hopes are not high … hope I'm proved wrong.

  2. I hope it will be good, too. It is the BBC, and they have done wonders with dramas about such beloved icons as Marie Lloyd, Hattie Jacques and Gracie Fields, so fingers crossed! Jx


    quite in depth i imagine.

  4. I sincerely hope the drama will last more than an hour, as befits a diva such as Dame Shirley Bassey... Jx


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