Monday, 8 August 2011

Making a splash

Happy 90th birthday today to the lovely Esther Williams, the original Million Dollar Mermaid, and inspiration for many a queen splashing around in the bath...

By way of a little tribute, let us wallow in the sheer outrageous campery of one of Miss Williams' extraordinarily extravagant aquatic movie sequences, from Million Dollar Mermaid:

Esther Williams official website


  1. Yay! Have you read her autobiography "Million Dollar Mermaid"? Happy Birthday to a fellow Esther!! xxx

  2. I never knew she could write! I bet it's a hoot, though. Jx

  3. She's a mermaid! She can do anything! It is GENIUS. The story of William Powell using elastic bands for a "facelift" is fabulous.

  4. Must get myself a copy! Jx

  5. Oh please, yes! I'd love to know what you think.


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