Saturday, 6 August 2011

They Love Lucy!

It's a centenary today - Miss Lucille Ball!

Apparently to mark this occasion, more than 900 red-lipsticked, redheaded women - and men - gathered in the grande dame of screwball comedy's hometown of Jamestown, New York State and achieved a world record for most Lucy look-alikes!

There was, of course, only one Lucille Désirée Ball, and here she is, showing that young whipper-snapper Shirley MacLaine a thing or two about showbiz...

Lucille Ball official website


  1. Time to eat some chocolate, stomp some grapes, sing off key, at least watch 1 episode and spoon your way to health with Vitameatavegamin. :)

  2. about 20 years ago Channel 4 used to have an old episode (there are no new ones) of I Love Lucy on at 6.30 in the morning before The Big Breakfast - I used to watch every morning before work - happy days … well, happy mornings anyway.


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