Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Worth a million dollars of anyone's money

It's good to know that Whitney Houston is only one day older than me, and looking so good...

I never liked the woman, nor her godawful wibbly vocal strangulations - I blame her, fair and square, for the rise of the rest of the rubbish singers-who-think-they-can-sing-but-can't like Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey and the rest.

However it gives me a great excuse to re-play this little slice of brilliant campery!



  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow xx

  2. A Million Happy Birthday wishes to you! xoxoMM :)

  3. If you could send over any of those boys from the video as my prezzie, I'd be eternally grateful... Jx

  4. My HATE for that Houston woman has been well documented to everyone who has ever known me. I have even almost caused major traffic accidents when that bitch came on the radio, and was very close to slapping some poor women who once came up to me while I was working as a DJ at a gay club - they actually had the nerve to request a "song" from the vile one.

    Since then we have of course had to endure Mariah Carey, which is even worse!!! And I too blame the cracked up closet lesbian for her!

  5. Don't hold back, dear - say what you mean! Hee hee! Jx


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