Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dwie lewe nogi

It would have been the 82nd birthday today of another of our most cherished (and most deeply missed) icons here at Dolores Delargo Towers, Miss Ann Bancroft...

In a brief tribute to her extraordinary talents, here she is with her beloved hubby Mel Brooks and their classic number (in Polish) Sweet Georgia Brown:

No wykonane gal ma cienia na Sweet Georgia Brown
Dwie lewe nogi, ale oh, tak zgrabny ma Sweet Georgia Brown
Wszyscy wzdychają i chcę umrzeć słodka panna Georgia Brown
I powiem ci, dlaczego, wiesz, że nie kłamię, nie wiele Sweet Georgia Brown

Truly fabulous!

Anne Bancroft (17th September 1931 – 6th June 2005)

[NB "Dwie lewe nogi" means "two left feet" in Polish]


  1. This reminds me how much I liked "To Be or Not To Be," the movie whee they sing this. I haven't seen it in more than twenty years, I have to go see if Netflix has it.

    1. Although Miss Bancroft was marvellous in anything in which she appeared, I found the movie like the "Curate's Egg" - good in parts... This number, however, is a timeless classic! Jx

  2. I adored her in Great Expectations (among many other things). But there was something about that movie, and especially her part in it that made it an instant favorite of mine. I haven't seen it in a while but I'm sure I would still feel the same. Oh, and that song from the movie ("Life In Mono" by Mono) still sounds amazing. I just have to make sure never to remember that bloody Spice Girl's "cover" version...


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