Monday, 9 December 2013

Come and meet those dancing feet

Another weekend whizzes out of our conciousness, and it's time to get cracking and off to the office. Joy of joys. At least we have our Xmas dose of Polari to look forward to tonight...

Meanwhile, let us satisfy our yearning for all things kitsch on this Tacky Music Monday, with something truly, amazingly naff! It's today's birthday boy (and my childhood heartthrob - I was a child, I knew no better) Donny Osmond, with sister Marie in their terrible 70s TV show (with guest star Sherman Hemsley, who was apparently famous in America for something or other) and their colourful rendition of 42nd Street...

Even if it only wakes you up enough to throw things at the screen, my work is done.

Have a great week, as best you can, folks!

Donny Osmond official website

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