Sunday, 26 January 2014

Heeeere's Googie!

"I was born with this voice."

"So was Yma Sumac!"

What better way to lift the spirits on this miserable wet Sunday than with a trip back to 1976, and an interview (by Gavin Millar for the BBC's Arena Cinema) with the lovely Rita Moreno ("Googie Gomez") and Richard Lester (the director) about one of my fave films of all time, The Ritz?

Here's Doug! Here's Tiger! And heeeere's Googie!"

I feel better already...

The Ritz


  1. Love Rita and The Ritz. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview. I feel better, too!

  2. One of fave films of all time and she is totally amazing.

    1. "One of dees days ju is going to see de name of Googie Gomez up in lights and you gonna ask to juself, 'Gwas dat her?' An den ju gonna answer to juself, 'Jes, dat gwas her!' Well, let me tell you something, Mister: I gwas ALWAYS her, jus dat nobody knows it!"



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