Monday, 17 February 2014

A lorra, lorra laughs

From the BBC:
Sheridan Smith is to play singer and TV presenter Cilla Black in a new three-part drama, ITV has announced.

The actress will star as the famous Liverpudlian in the drama, by Jeff Pope, which will "capture the essence of 1960s Liverpool".

It will look at her friendship with Ringo Starr which brought her to the attention of Beatles' manager Brian Epstein and producer George Martin.

Cilla, written by Pope - who, along with Steve Coogan won a Bafta for his screenplay for the film Philomena, will follow her journey from a young typist under her real name of Priscilla White, to meeting and befriending Brian Epstein and then recording and launching her career at Abbey Road studios.

"Her life story is fascinating," said Sheridan. "I'm so excited and can't wait to start filming."
Should be fun...

And here is the lady herself, with our favourite here at Dolores Delargo Towers, You're My World:

Cilla Black official website


  1. as a ten year old, i adored this song. i think i bought the 45.
    you make sure & let us know when it arrives so that i may
    swipe it from the internet!

    1. I still adore it - and the Biddie and Eve version, too!

      The Cilla TV drama isn't due to begin filming in Liverpool until next month, so I wouldn't expect anything till the Autumn season...



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