Thursday, 27 February 2014

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky

Had she lived (and she had a bloody good go - surviving almost to her centenary!), the marvellous cabaret singer and civil rights activist Miss Elisabeth Welch would have been 110 years old today...

On such an auspicious occasion, I have no qualms at all in featuring, for a second time, this scene described by George Melly as "arguably the campest, most sparkling moment in the history of cinema".

A most appropriate song for a grey Wednesday, it's Stormy Weather (from Derek Jarman's The Tempest (1979):

Elisabeth Welch (27th February 1904 - 15th July 2003)


  1. Not sure I can agree that this is (arguably) "the campest, most sparkling moment in the history of cinema" - but camp it is!

    1. Mr Melly was prone to hyperbole - my own suggestions for cinema's campest moments were far more wide-ranging... Jx


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