Monday, 17 February 2014

Here am I, here you are

Pssst! I sneaked in another day - making this a full fortnight-and-a-bit holiday - before returning to work tomorrow (groan). But we all need a bit of cheer at the start of the week, so...

Who better to lead the celebration on this Tacky Music Monday but Sweden's finest - the magnificently gruff Fröken Zarah Leander, and her anthem Wunderbar?!

Have a fab week, everyone...

Zarah Leander on Wikipedia


  1. Enjoy your last day of freedom - taking Monday off just means that the weekend gets here faster!

    1. "Let us drink, Liebchen mein
      In the moonlight benign,
      Of the joy of our dream come true!"

      I like short weeks... Jx

  2. Isn't she heaven, conniving old survivor/diva that she was? those Rs!

    1. Indeed her story is full of mysteries (was she a Communist spy? or - as some accused her - a collaborator in Germany during the war?), but anyone so beloved of Nina Hagen that she could write a song dedicated to her has my vote! Jx


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