Friday, 28 March 2014

"This is not the way I wanna sing it!"

Today (at midnight) equal marriage becomes law in the UK - and there are a flurry of same-sex ceremonies planned to take place at the moment of the chimes of twelve o'clock. We had planned to go and cheer at least one of them (at Islington Town Hall), but that seems unlikely now given the flu-bug that seems to be passing round our gang. Our thoughts will be with the happy couple(s) nonetheless.

Instead, here's an appropriate classic for the occasion, given a makeover by the inimitable Adeva, her magnificent tonsils, and that hairdo... It may be a choon that is two decades out of the actual era in question - but Thank Disco It's Friday, anyhoo!

It Should've Been Me?

With that congregation, maybe...

First same-sex marriages to take place at midnight


  1. Wow I have this on my 'walkman' at the mo. its fab.
    Thanks for the vid.

    1. From now on, you will never be able to hear this song without seeing THAT hairdo... Jx


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