Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Hoard fit for a Queen

We went yesterday with our Mother [that's not us arriving, by the way, in that rather charming artwork by Robert Peake the Elder] to view (at long last) the fabulous Cheapside Hoard - a vast collection of precious and semi-precious jewelled items dating back to Elizabethan times and beyond, miraculously unearthed over a century ago by workmen demolishing a building in the heart of the City.

It was utterly stunning, and many of the pieces were entirely the sort of thing one could easily wear today. If only security wasn't so tight, I would have definitely slipped the emerald salamander brooch into my bag...

Here to sing for us, with an appropriately jewellery-themed choon, is house fave here at Dolores Delargo Towers (a lady whose fiftieth birthday I shamefully neglected to mark a few weeks ago) Miss Natacha Atlas...

Natacha Atlas (born 20th March 1964)

The Cheapside Hoard is on at the Museum of London until 27th April 2014.


  1. I think you'd look lovely wearing a bug dear :-). It was a fab day out! Hils x

    1. Please get down off that litter now! I thought the salamander - an amphibian, by the way, not a bug - was utterly charming.

      I loved our day out perusing priceless gems! Jx


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