Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Very Special Day

It's a very special Doris Day!

For today one of our enduring favourites and Patron Saint Miss Doris Mary Ann von Kasselhoff is 90 years old.

I have celebrated the lady, many times over the years, so instead of cogitating on how much we adore the woman, her charm, her beauty, her sense of humour and her movies, let's just indulge in a cavalcade of the great lady's music...

Move Over Darling:

Somebody Loves Me (with Gene Nelson):

Shaking the Blues Away:

Young at Heart:

Secret Love:

It's Magic:

And, of course...

Que Sera Sera:

Facts about Miss Day:
  • Apparently it was big band leader Barney Rapp who convinced her to change her surname, inspired by the song Day After Day which she sang with the group.
  • She is officially top ranking female box office star of all time (according to the Quigley Poll list, whatever that is).
  • Her screen debut was in Romance on the High Seas in 1948, and her last film was With Six You Get Eggroll twenty years later, although The Doris Day Show on TV went on till 1973 and she made numerous appearances on TV chat shows after that.
  • She has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for recording and the other for motion pictures; as well as an Oscar nomination (for 1959's Pillow Talk), a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • She briefly dated Ronald Reagan(!) before becoming involved with her agent (and future third husband), Marty Melcher.
  • With her faboo 2011 album My Heart, Miss Day became the oldest artist to score a UK Top 10 with an album featuring new material.
We adore her! Miss Day is our latest exhibit in the Dolores Delargo Towers Museum of Camp (of course).

Doris Day (born 3rd April 1922)


  1. I haven't heard "My Heart", but it even made the news over here that she was releasing (and topping the charts) with it! For some reason I don't own any of her material, but I am always looking out for a definitive greatest hits album...

    Happy birthday Miss Day!

    1. Oh, sweetie - you really should plug that gap in your music collection! I probably wouldn't start with "My Heart" - but this collection (which we have, needless to say) is about as "definitive" as you can get... Jx

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - I shall add this to my collection :)


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