Friday, 4 April 2014

Sunshine and hair flicks

Oh, thank heavens for that. It's almost the weekend, and even though it won't be as warm as it has been all this week (ain't that always the case?) we still might be able to get out into the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers and get pottering.

Of course, it won't be anything like as sunny as the location Monsieur Patrick Juvet has chosen as the setting for this most bizarre video for Got a Feeling.

Nor indeed do we necessarily expect a troupe of rictus-grinning dancers clad head-to-foot in hand-made blue and white tight-fitting satinette to come hurtling our way. Unless we're really lucky...

No matter. Whatever happens, Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a fabulous weekend, folks.

Patrick Juvet on Wikipedia


  1. Have a fabulous one - I KNOW I will ;)

  2. My better half's birthday is today, so we are celebrating tomorrow (I'm getting all the Kylie records together as we speak...)

    1. Oh, do send Teddi my birthday kisses!

      (His blog has gone quiet for a while so no point posting my greetings over there...) Jx

  3. Yeah, he has been incredibly busy - he's graduating this spring, so soon I will be living with Miss Kitten, everyone's favorite English teacher (and yes, the name is my idea) ;)

    I shall send him the kisses, thank you ;)


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