Thursday, 15 May 2014

I had to interrupt and stop this conversation

News today that the conglomerate of Dixons, Currys and PC World has agreed a merger with fellow retailer Carphone Warehouse to create a new one-stop-shop for smartphones, computers and - ahem - washing machines prompts me to re-visit a classic (and appropriate) mash-up.

Also continuing our celebrations of forty years of both Abba at Eurovision and the birth of Blondie, here they are together (again), in the brilliant mix by Matt Pop - it's Hanging on the Ring Ring!

Ringing in the ears...


  1. The single best mashup I've ever seen, although, of course, Ms Harry winds up on top without even trying. It does make you think that maybe ABBA's real talent would have been as superior back-up singers.

    1. Cruel, but in this instance probably a good observation :-)

  2. Great combination … have a great weekend x


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