Thursday, 19 June 2014

Is this the Cocksucker residence?

The marvellous Miss Kathleen Turner celebrates her 60th birthday today! We've adored her since she triumphantly turned the Steve Martin movie The Man With Two Brains from, well, a Steve Martin movie into something much, much more memorable. Even Romancing the Stone was bearable mainly because she was in it... But it is for one magnificent character we love her the most.

Here is Miss Turner in (probably) her finest, and certainly most camp, role as "Beverly" in John Waters' Serial Mom, tormenting poor "Dottie Hinkle" (Mink Stole)...

Miss Turner has lately returned to her original great love, the stage. And here she is, earlier this year, singing in the play Mother Courage:

At present, the great lady herself is appearing in the West End in Stephen Sachs' Bakersfield Mist (which, admittedly, does not appeal). Hopefully at some point we'll see her in a production more to our taste - Serial Mom - the Musical, perhaps?

Mary Kathleen Turner (born 19th June 1954)


  1. I love her - and despite her various roles I agree: nothing she's done comes close to her role in Serial Mom! A fantastic film (well, it IS John Waters) and Miss Turner gives a very memorable, scene stealing performance. In fact, she remains one of my all time favorite film villains!

    Happy birthday Miss Turner - remember never to wear white after labor day!

    1. I can never hear that song from Annie without screaming "Rewind!"

  2. Well...That title got my attention! That phone scene from Serial Mom always gets me...Happy Birthday Miss Turner! xoxoMM


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