Monday, 30 June 2014

Physically, physically, physically fit

The move continues - and of course, we will be without the interweb at Dolores Delargo Towers #3 until tomorrow, when at some stage the cable people may decide to turn up and connect us once again to the outside world.

No TV, no radio, no Google. How will we cope?

Hey ho. We need some motivation in order to get the rest of this stuff done!

Here's an appropriate (and suitably upbeat) number - Reel 2 Real and I Like To Move It.

Of course.


  1. Hehe - quite appropriate! Good luck with the moving!

    1. We had one hell of a day yesterday, but with friends doing a lot of the donkey-work and Baby Steve driving, we emptied the house - and the garden! - in four van-loads. Now all we have to do is clean the pigsty of a flat that the previous tenants left, and unpack everything, which has taken up all of today (and no doubt will keep us occupied for the rest of the week)... Jx

  2. Good luck with the move.

    Did you know that July 1 is traditionally "Moving Day" in Quebec? EVERYONE who has to move, moves on that day. You can't imagine the chaos let alone the trouble of trying to find a moving van.

    1. I always suspected that people in Quebec were a bit mad. Jx


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