Monday, 18 August 2014


We're back, sweeties!

Much refreshed (if somewhat weary from burning the candle at both ends from Thursday night almost to the last moments before departing for Schiphol on Sunday evening) by the joys of Europe's most beautiful party city Amsterdam, I haven't (despite only having just returned to London after our overnight stay with the Essex Boyz) forgotten it is still a Tacky Music Monday.

So, in keeping with our current obsession with all things Dutch, what could possibly tackier than a special appearance at one of the extravagantly camp stadium-filling concerts by the marvellous De Toppers of the top Dutch girl-band of the 70s, Luv?

Enjoy the show (especially their entrance with zimmer frames!)...

De Toppers

Luv' on Wikipedia


  1. it's always good to return home,
    especially when the ends have been burned.

  2. Heavens! Luv in the 00s? That was fun.

    PS: Glad you had a good trip, I wouldn't mind getting away for a few days myself...

    1. Believe me, a break at this moment in time was more than essential...

      All that, and tacky Dutch music too! Jx


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