Monday, 8 September 2014

Chasing rainbows


Five of the UK's top footballers - from one of the highest-ranking clubs in the UK, Arsenal - have lent their support to this year's anti-homophobia in sport campaign.

Watch and see (no full-frontals, unfortunately):

Today's Metro free paper is full of rainbows today, too!

As Ruth Hunt, CE of Stonewall says:
Football is one of the most powerful institutions in the world. In Britain there are 5,000 professional footballers in the top flights of men's football. Yet not one of them is openly gay or bisexual. Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia remain rife on the terraces. That’s hardly surprising when seven in ten football fans who'd attended a match heard or witnessed homophobia.

Last year we sent a pair of rainbow laces to every club and professional footballer in the country. Players from 52 clubs wore the laces and sports stars, politicians and celebs got involved too. By wearing the laces they showed that there is no place for prejudice in football.

This year Rainbow Laces will be bigger than ever. We’re working with even more players and even more clubs. We’re teaming up with Paddy Power and Metro and have the backing of the Premier League. We’re all showing our support for LGBT players and fans. By working together we can reach people we’ve never reached before. And then we can start changing attitudes.
Read more about the campaign.


  1. The betting shop 'Paddy Power' has posters up in the window and is giving away rainbow laces. Fab.

    1. Remarkably, Paddy Power has always been consistent in its support for gay rights... Jx


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