Monday, 15 September 2014

She's got your number

Sixties "sex kitten" - and kitschy fave here at Dolores Delargo Towers - Miss Joey Heatherton is 70 years old!

Relatively unknown in the UK (we had our own set of "dolly-bird" entertainers such as Aimi MacDonald, Pan's People, Anita Harris, Lulu and the rest), Miss Heatherton's rise from "saucy ingénue" on variety shows with Perry Como and Dean Martin, to TV commercials and Las Vegas stints, and her equally spectacular fall (with assault charges and drug addictions splashed across the headlines) would make for a great daytime TV movie. But at least she's still here...

To cheer us up on this Tacky Music Monday is the lady herself at the peak of her powers, complete with the best safety gays in the business - it's I've Got Your Number. [And I bet she did, too...]:

Many happy returns, Davenie Johanna Heatherton (born 14th September 1944)


  1. She's a fave. Jane Fonda posted this picture in 2011.

    1. Oh dear...

      A "triumph of art over nature", not quite. Jx


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