Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Double jeux?

“The internet is seven billion people connected together in real time, and if that isn’t the holy spirit then I don’t know what it is.”

Alexander Bard, the eccentric guru behind such purveyors of musical fabulosity as Army of Lovers, Alcazar, Bodies Without Organs and Gravitonas, has officially gone completely fruit-loop.

Read his bizarre pronouncements about his new "religion of the internet" that he likes to call "Syntheism".

Alternatively, just laugh a wry laugh at the bearded loony and instead revel in his all-time classic Crucified...

Prophets I've been reading
Stories I've been told
Before I end my breathing
I travel in the soul
Where thorns are a teaser
I've played a double jeux
Yherushalaim at Easter
I cry I pray mon dieu
I cry I pray mon dieu
I cry I pray mon dieu


[Bugger me! That song was released twenty-three years ago. Now I feel old...]


  1. Aaaaah, the dementia of Army Of Lovers! What could be better, really?

    1. "My Guinness record-breaker
      I abide your will"

      What could be better, indeed? Jx


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