Thursday, 2 October 2014

Honey sweet and harmony

How very sad - the lovely Lynsey de Paul, staple of the pop charts and many a variety show in the early to mid-70s (and even Eurovision in 1977, with Mike Moran and Rock Bottom), has died aged just 64.

Here's her early hit Sugar Me:

Rest in peace, sugar.

Lynsey de Paul (11th June 1950 - 1st October 2014)


  1. I loved Lyndsey de Paul. This is very sad. She did No, Honestly, as well, didn't she?

    1. She did No, Honestly and that classic schmaltzy tear-jerker Won't Somebody Dance With Me?, both of which I loved.

      It's turning into a bit of a bad year for losing childhood favourites (Elaine Stritch, Dora Bryan, Donald Sinden, Alexandra Bastedo, Kate O'Mara, James Garner)... Jx


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