Friday, 17 October 2014

Take me in your arms and rock me

Oh. Thank. Heavens. That week is finally over...

...and I am on leave for a week! Yay!

I am in such a joyous mood, I feel I really should don some huge flares, a jacket with a huge collar, and freak on down with some very frenetic dancers, in wigs - like Sunday's birthday boy Mr George McCrae (he's 70 years old)!

Here's the song without which the whole célébration de la discothèque every weekend here at Dolores Delargo Towers would not exist, Rock Your Baby:

That song is 40 years old... Thank Disco It's Friday! Have a funky one.

Ah-aaaaaah, yeah
Take me in your arms and rock me
Ah-aaaaaah, yeah
Take me in your arms and rock me


George Warren McCrae, Jr. (born 19th October 1944)


  1. Enjoy your time off - I am myself looking SO forward to the weekend! Only a couple of more hours to go :)

    1. I am beginning to think the office clock is going backwards!

      In the words of Tennessee Williams: "time is the longest distance between two places."



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