Monday, 10 November 2014

Let's give 'em the old pazzaz

Oh, dammit. Another weekend has flown by - fireworks for the Lord Mayor's Parade on Saturday followed by late drinkies, a Sunday at home with Radio 2, and poof! It's time to go back to work.

To help wake us all up in the most fantabulosa way possible, on this Tacky Music Monday here's the truly amazing Miss Kay Thompson (who was born 105 years ago yesterday) and her equally natty dance partner Mr Fred Astaire in their "beatnik" number from Funny Face:

Clap Yo' Hands?

I think we all should after that...

Kay Thompson (born Catherine Louise Fink, 9th November 1909 – 2nd July 1998)


  1. Oh my word! I loved that film! I spent two years of my working life wearing pencil skirts and black polo neck jumpers because of that film. Sigh.

  2. I just love Kay Thompson. I kept a framed photo of her pug on my dressing table for years.

    1. I do hope that's not a euphemism. Jx


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