Sunday, 30 November 2014

Oh, those nights in the oasis, when I toyed with Pharaoh's braces

Taking the Pith

Hils, The History Boy, Madam Arcati and I dusted off our amulets and trolled along to London's best "hidden secret", The Petrie Museum of Egyptology, on Friday to join students and Steampunks alike at an event lavishly titled Worlds Collide: Fin de Siècle Fantasy Egypt.

It was advertised thus:
Jump from the 21st century back over 100 years, then back to Ancient Egypt and forward again. A Friday night mini-festival with a range of activities from talks to fortune telling to making 3-D postcards from 1890s Egypt and a 1880s to 1920s disco with themed food and drink to buy.
A Vintage Disco? A Cabinet of Curiosities? Talks on "Esoteric Egypt in London" by Professor Roger Luckhurst, and "Fantasy Egypt on British Screens" by our fave expert on gay and camp ancient history John J Johnston? 1860s Egyptian Traveller Gin Cocktails?

Oh, and dressing-up opportunities!

How could we resist..?

To celebrate this fantastical evening, here's one of the (most appropriate) songs played by our lovely lady DJs Miss Amara Thornton and Miss Bibi Smythe at the event - it's the wonderful Douglas Byng!

Petrie Museum website

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