Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bonga, Bonga, Bonga

It is that time of year when all bets are off as to what rubbish will top the UK charts for the Festering Season. Undoubtedly it will be some codswallop by a warbler who won X-Factor or similar (who, by this time next year, will no doubt be appearing on Splash! or Celebrity Super Spa or another grotesque "reality TV" concoction).

However, it is also the season for newspapers to dig out some of the worst seasonal pop pap ever released, and, in the true spirit of Xmas, I thought I'd share a slew of absolute corkers.

How about The Cheeky Girls and Andy Newton-Lee [whoooo?] - Xmas-time Love?

Then there's Miss Cyndi Lauper's worst ever moment - her Christmas Conga:

And finally, if anyone ever thought the New Kids on the Block were "cool", surely that must have been dispelled by their Funky, Funky Christmas!

It'll all be over soon.


  1. How dare you? I'll have you know that "Christmas Conga" has been a seasonal favorite in the Galaxy for close to 20 years! And my long forgotten Cheeky Girls are not to be laughed at, I'm sure.

    The less said about the NKOTB one, the better...

    1. You must be VERY drunk every year to enjoy that... Jx


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