Sunday, 21 December 2014

The darkest of them all

We're unlikely to see him in Benalmadena, more's the pity

It's Midwinter's Day. The darkest of them all.

However, the good news is - from tomorrow the days start getting longer again!

At Dolores Delargo Towers, our thoughts are not on the cold nor the dark, on "festivities" nor present-giving. No! Our annual holiday to Spain is booked for the first week of February, so all our thoughts are on "escape"...

Here to remind us what warmth and sunshine are like is another marvellous smooth classic ("She '73"), courtesy of Soft Tempo Lounge:

[Music: Soledad by Alfonso Santisteban]

Ah, that's better!


  1. ah... sweet organ music at the beach.
    And a song too!

    1. I do like organ-playing by the sea-side... Jx

  2. Lovely - Malaga here we come.
    But why was that chap drinking his girlfriend's perfume at 1 min 20.


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