Wednesday, 31 December 2014

There is nothing like one...

Arise, Sir John Hurt, Dame Kristin Scott-Thomas, Dame Mary Quant, Dame Esther Rantzen and Dame Carol Ann Duffy, and...


At last.

The Queen has awarded another clutch of the great and the good (and the not-so-good) in her annual New Year Honours list. Other notables include Emily Watson OBE; Sheridan Smith (who latterly portrayed Cilla on TV) OBE; Paul Cummins and Tom Piper (the men behind the poppies at the Tower of London), both MBE; novelist Ali Smith CBE; Meera Syal CBE; and Olympian Steve Cram CBE.

Now, here's our fave new Dame herself (in the company of our fave from last year's list Dame Angela Lansbury) and the late Dana Wynter, cynically "celebrating" another awards ceremony - the Oscars of 1959:

The New Year Honours List 2015 in full.


  1. Congratulations, Joan. That'll show those horrid little people at the airport. I just hope she doesn't expect them to curtsy.
    And to Jon---HAPPY NEW YEAR and an OBE to you too!

    1. Ah yes - the Other Buggers' Efforts!

      Cheers, m'dear - happy 2015... Jx

  2. i know you shall party like it's 1999, so i can rest easy.

    1. Oh no dear - I party like it's 1984...

      Happy New Year! Jx


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