Monday, 16 February 2015

9 to 5

Oh, good grief. I am up at an unearthly hour to go back to work! After an extremely pleasant fortnight off (a week in the sunshine of Spain and a week off just pottering around at home), this is going to be horrid.

Never mind, to help us ease ourselves back into that vile reality called "work", on this Tacky Music Monday I have found a most wonderful addition to our canon of outrageous showbiz-iness - how about the Misses Sister Sledge (no less) doing Cher, Dolly, Miss Ross and Miss Holiday?

I think we deserve it!

Have a great week, darlings. I doubt I will.


  1. Wonderful video, Jon!

    Wish you were stateside; this week we have Monday off for "Presidents Day" (combining what used to be Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays), which eases our descent into the work week a bit. Hang in there -- Friday approaches!

    1. We don't even get HM The Queen's birthday (official or real) off...

      Today was every bit as ghastly as I expected, but hey ho - it pays for the next one!



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