Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Good genes?

The latest research is out on why some people are more attractive than others. And also, why I fail on all counts...
...probably the most important is facial symmetry. Having a face which is equal on both sides is a biological advert which tells prospective partners that good genes will be found in this body.

...the longer the ring finger is in comparison with the index finger, the more testosterone is present. That’s important because high levels of testosterone are linked to high sperm counts.

...blondes are more likely to be healthier and live longer...blonde hair is also viewed as an indicator of youth, and sexual vitality.

...the perfect man should also have body fat of around 12 per cent which is an important indicator of how well the immune system works. showing happy emotions were rated as less attractive.
Being a slightly overweight, asymmetrical, even-fingered brunette (if silvered nowadays), I feel somewhat pissed off.

Wait! Doesn't "not showing happy emotions" make me more attractive?

How confusing.

Hey ho...


  1. Darn, I knew that that third ear was throwing my symmetry off

  2. your lack of happy emotions surely outweighs all of the other stuff x

    1. That, and my attractive smell... Jx

  3. Wait, it's been my ring finger driving the mens wild all this time? Who knew.


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