Friday, 24 April 2015

They were young and they had each other - who could ask for more?

It's the end of another week.

It is finally pay day.

The sun is shining.


...and congratulations to Mr Barry Manilow, who has - it has been confirmed by the experts - gone and got married to his (secret) lover of thirty years, his manager Garry Kief!

What better way to get us in a suitably camp party mood than our very own Dame Shirl and her jolly disco version of Mr Manilow's greatest hit Copacabana (complete with some glorious travel footage and twirling dancers to boot...)? Thank Disco It's Friday!

Sigh, again...


  1. Fringe AND cowbells. What, indeed, could be better?

  2. And was Barry Manilow ever actually young? Doesn't he seem like he came out of the egg as a fussy old queen?

    1. I imagine him growing up as a sort of cross between Johnny Weir and Amber von Tussle. Jx

    2. now that dear dr. brandt has died, what will barry do?

    3. Grow into his face, one would hope. Jx


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