Tuesday, 14 April 2015


"When I die they will donate my body to Tupperware." - Joan Rivers
A revolutionary new type of plastic surgery does not make people look worse than they did before.

Innovative techniques mean patients will no longer resemble varnished shop window dummies that have slightly melted in a fire.

Plastic surgeon Stephen Malley said: “Previously we thought the inevitable outcome of face lifts and rhinoplasties was to give patients an unsettling, not-quite-human appearance like the Autons in Doctor Who.

“But we have perfected a series of radical new techniques, such as not chiselling perfectly normal noses into unusual shapes that don’t exist in nature.

“We’re also experimenting with not doing something weird to people’s eyelids or carving their face into the likeness of a startled skeleton.”

Malley will also turn his attention to other areas of cosmetic surgery, including breast implants that are breast-shaped rather than looking like half an 18th century naval cannonball.

The Daily Mash.

Of course.


  1. if i had the loot, i would probably look a bit like jocelyn.
    not because i like it, but because i detest getting old.

    1. There's old, and then there's mangled. I know which I prefer. Jx

  2. Happily aging away here...although I must say some of Dr. Malley's techniques sound highly radical and revolutionary.

    1. "Breast implants that are breast-shaped" maybe? Jx


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