Friday, 29 May 2015

Tight trousers, felt hats

It's the end of my first week back after the holiday.

I am greatly relieved for that fact - and I'm in just the right mood for some tight-trousered, felt-hatted, open-shirt, Stud-soundtrack-worthy funk courtesy of the Real Thing...

...featuring Legs & Co AND Hot Gossip dancer Floid Pearce!

What more could you want?

The night is still young
Let the DJ play your favourite song
Lets go Disco,
Lets go Disco!

Thank Disco It's Friday, indeed!

Have a great weekend...


  1. No one could dance in the 70s.
    What would we have done with out 'Pan People' to show us how !

    1. Pan's People, Legs and Co - and Ruby Flipper! (Remember them?) Jx

  2. Yes dear indeed I do but never forget it was Flick Colby that was to blame for all of it.

    Embarrassing to watch then but amusing now.

    1. Flick Colby, may she Rest In Leggings. Jx


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