Sunday, 23 August 2015

I will have wet eyes

Many happy return today to Vassiliki, Baroness von Ruffin - better known to Eurovision Song Contest fans as Miss Vicky Leandros, winner of the contest (for Luxembourg) way back in 1972.

She remains a bit of a "one hit wonder" here in the UK, despite continued success across Europe. However, that hit is still a favourite 'round these parts - it's Après Toi:

In English: "...after you
I will not be able to live any more, to live no more
That in remembering you
After you,
I will have wet eyes
The empty hands, the heart without joy.
With you,
I had learned how to laugh
And my laughter comes only by you.
After you, I will be only a shadow
Of your shadow.
After you..."

I think it's probably best in French.

Vicky Leandros (born Vassiliki Papathanasiou, 23 August 1949 (or 1952, or 1948, depending where you look))


  1. Gosh. I love this so much and remember first hearing it on Eurovision back in the day.
    I used to play it over and over on my cassette recorder..
    and she is a Baroness, well I never knew that.

    1. I thought I heard you "singing" this - in French - in the bathroom! Jx


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