Thursday, 6 August 2015

Trying to forget

Another week, another Tube strike. It's miserable weather out there, too, just to add to the mood.

Knowing what the transport chaos was like last time this happened, I expect I'll end up heading to work on foot. To "gee me along", here's a baffling interpretation of an appropriate song.

Why are there three pianists? Why are they wearing flower pots on their head? Questions, questions...

I'm Walkimg in the Rain:

Just walking in the rain
Getting soaking wet
Torturing my heart
By trying to forget



  1. How Jolly is that !
    Love the flower pots but what baffled me was what on earth did the chap on the double bass have on his head.

    more please

    1. Lord only knows - must have been "zany headwear day" on the Lawrence Welk Show... Jx


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