Friday, 21 August 2015

You perfume the air

Lordy. Switzerland's greatest export after chocolate, dodgy banking and cuckoo clocks Monsieur Patrick Juvet is 65 years old today! With his wonderfully flicked "Charlie's Angels" hairdo and his tight trousers, M Juvet conquered the world at the end of the 70s with his mega-hit I Love America, and posters of his visage adorned many a teenage girl's bedroom wall. Then, just as quickly, he disappeared (helped, no doubt, by the fact that everything he did subsequently just sounded soooo similar).

However, to celebrate the imminent arrival of what may well be a sunny weekend, here is the man himself - in this clip (badly out of sync) he's in the kind of groin-hugging outfit that would grace any fashionable Disco stud's wardrobe at the time, no doubt. But here, he's all wrapped up for winter...

Either way, it's Lady Night!

It's so good to see you when you're back on the scene
I look for you all day, you know what I mean.
But when the sun goes down
From this moment you always come around
You perfume the air,
Your black dress is always there.

Oh my lady lady lady lady lady night
Oh my lady lady lady lady lady night
Oh my lady lady lady lady lady night
Oh my lady lady lady lady lady night
Lady night

...they just don't write lyrics like that any more.

Thank Disco It's Friday! Have a leather-trousered time this weekend, mes chéris...

Patrick Juvet (born 21st August 1950)


  1. Is it me or does he look rather bored and can't be bothered most of the time ?

    1. Don't so many of those Frenchie types? - blasé, they call it. "Rude", the rest of the world calls it. Jx


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